The Barn House is where your journey at Das Forts starts. It accommodates the Reception, the Lounge and the Breakfast Saloon together with four two-story suites. The Barn boasts an alchemy of inspired design that stands out through the simplicity of the façade, the original proportion and position of the windows that blend harmoniously with the elegant remnants of the original masonry. Here, a contrast between the old and the new, which complement each other, is highlighted.

Barn House 1
Barn House 2
Barn House 3
Barn House 4
Barn House 5
Barn House 6
Barn House 7
Barn House 8
Barn House 9
Barn House 10
Barn House 11
Barn House 12
Barn House 13
Barn House 14
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Barn House 17
Barn House 18
Barn House 19
Barn House 20
Barn House 21
Barn House 22
Barn House 23
Barn House 24
Barn House 25
Barn House 26
Barn House 27
Barn House 28

The suites in this exclusive property are ideal for families or couples wishing to stay together whilst enjoying the privacy of their own independent spaces.

Come enjoy the buffet breakfast, a princely spread of freshly made pastries, fruit , charcuterie, cheese and oats to sustain you for the day ahead – whether that means a hike up to the Rosenau Citadel or having a glass of wine on the Porch.

In the evening, spend time by the modern fireplace, enjoying a good book or conversation with family and friends in a serene environment.
The Barn is a meeting point, an intimate escape and an ultimate luxury destination where everybody receives a warm welcome.

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