As you enter through the gate of Das Fort Boutique, you immerse in this peaceful story where on a beautifully paved alley you find three houses with history, reborn in their most beautiful form. Genuine bricks and beams, hand painted ceilings, fire stoves and dowry boxes encompass details that paint this luxurious picture. Old wood subtly mixes with modern materials and sliding glass facades on the original footprint of old Saxon houses sitting at the base of Râșnov Citadel. Each house showcases design aesthetic that beautifully compliments the stunning natural surrounds of the property.

Welcome to

the Painter’s House!

Behind a fortress like door you are welcomed into a magical universe bathed in warm light from the traditional handmade fireplace. The Painter’s House accommodates the restaurant with its original painted ceilings, restored to become a vast art canvas that floods the ground floor with colour. Walking up the stairs into the attic, you will find three two-story suites. Enjoy their spacious luxury, where fascinating design brings a whole new level to your experience. Whether you want to relax in the freestanding tainted copper bathtub or lounge on your private balcony, The Painter’s House offers guests the utmost comfort for an unforgettable holiday.

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Welcome to

the Barn House!

The Barn House is where your journey at Das Forts starts. It accommodates the Reception, the Lounge and the Breakfast Saloon together with four two-story suites. The Barn boasts an alchemy of inspired design that stands out through the simplicity of the façade, the original proportion and position of the windows that blend harmoniously with the elegant remnants of the original masonry. Here, a contrast between the old and the new, which complement each other, is highlighted.

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Welcome to

the Artizan’s House

Discover the fine and distinctive Artisan’s House, the name which honours the building’s original purpose of an art and creation space. The accommodation makes use of space, texture and patterns recalling tradition. The restoration process was made with the greatest possible care to preserve its authenticity, while at the same time offering an elegant touch of luxury and indulgence.

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The suites in this exclusive property are ideal for families or couples wishing to stay together whilst enjoying the privacy of their own independent spaces.

Come enjoy the buffet breakfast, a princely spread of freshly made pastries, fruit , charcuterie, cheese and oats to sustain you for the day ahead – whether that means a hike up to the Rosenau Citadel or having a glass of wine on the Porch.

In the evening, spend time by the modern fireplace, enjoying a good book or conversation with family and friends in a serene environment.

The Barn is a meeting point, an intimate escape and an ultimate luxury destination where everybody receives a warm welcome.

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